Interview with Jae de Wylde, author of The Thinking Tank about how her life has influenced her writing

The Thinking Tank
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Jae de Wylde began life as a French and German teacher and was a bit of a closet expat and writer. But when her daughter died in 1999, Jae found herself reassessing what she wanted to do with her life and began a new career as a writer. Life has taken her to Spain and Dubai where she found both time and inspiration for a move into fiction. A debilitating illness led her to yet another reassessment and inspired The Thinking Tank, a truly gripping novel, influenced by what she calls Life's Crappy Stuff. Her blog of the same name shares Jae's amazing positive outlook and you will find more from her at

Hear how Jae lured people to a recent booksigning too, in this inspirational interview.

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